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TLLP Project Video


I’ve finished “cobbling” the video together as Tom describes it.  We as a team are happy to share some of our work with you our faithful reader(s).  :)

Collaborative Planning


Aga and I spent the afternoon co-planning our next unit – Logarithms for our MHF4U classes.  We are excited to continue to use the navigator thoughout the unit to “check-in” with our students’ thinking.


Tech can’t replace the Teach


I’ve been out a few times this week working on our project video and compiling some of our learning artifacts.  In the time that I’ve been out, I’ve been using youtube and other digital means to ensure that my students are learning in a consistent manner, using the same routines and content as if I was there in person.

While I’d like to say that my next TLLP application will be to sit in the living room with my 9 month old and teach from home next semester, it just isn’t going to happen just yet.  There have been technical challenges with setting up the projector/speakers/laptop, with the students not being able to ask questions, and with the students eventually disengaging from the lesson.

It would be interesting to do another study on how to effectively use tools like youtube in a mixed environment where I can be present to answer questions, but to also use digital resources so that students can work at their own pace.  The other ball that needs to be juggled in this setup is the inquiry based learning approach.

For now, I’m going to need to try and minimize my time out of class so that my students get the most consistent and stable learning environment.

A lesson I am truly proud of:)


Today, my period one MPM1D class lesson was an incredibly rich learning experience for me and my students. Check the lesson out (Dec 9 Lesson 6) by opening the notes file and watching the lesson video.

Why was this lesson so amazing? Our learning goal was that students would be able to use the balance analogy to isolate a variable in a linear equation. It was incredible how it was student thinking that drove and ultimately taught the lesson. We have “Shelagh’s” approach to solving equations with fractions. We then had “Gia’s” idea that the x-intercept of y=mx+b was -b/m that was a wonderful launch pad to our lesson. Lastly, we had Jun’s idea of how to isolate y in ax+by+c=0 that prompted a student to doodle some ideas that drove the final part of the lesson. All the while, I was discreetly freezing the screen to spy on who was struggling according to my intermittent quick polls. I had an incredibly good handle on who in the class was understanding the lesson and who was struggling and was able to zoom right in on the two or three struggling students. Nowhere to hide and learning is not optional:)

Grade 9 Lesson Video


So … where is the time going? Chris and I are just beginning our final Grade 9 Unit (Symbol Sense). We met to map out the unit in terms of formative assessment opportunities the TI Nspire Navigator afforded us. We decided to focus on our intro lesson for videotaping. I taught the lesson today (video screen capture of lesson and lesson notebook file)and will debrief the lesson with Chris later today (videotaped debrief). Chris will then teach the same lesson Monday, with me videotaping the lesson. Chris and I will then debrief the lesson (videotaped debrief). We will then cobble together a video of our lesson story we will use in our upcoming Chicago T^3 International and OAME conference presentations.

I was pretty excited about how the lesson was driven by the student thinking, not the technology.

More on this in the coming days …