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Exiting Press-to-Test


Tom has graciously provided us with a video synopsis of how to exit Press-to-Test mode. It was actually a little demonstration he did for our math department at the meeting this evening, but I thought it was worthy of sharing on our blog. Tom thought it was worthy of me sharing on our blog to, so it’s going under Chris’ reflections. :)

Lesson Videos


I have begun to video my lessons, using the video screen capture tool in the SMART Notebook software and a wireless mic.

Check out my MPM1D videos

Check out my MPM2D videos

It is interesting watching a taped lesson. It makes me very aware of when I dominate the airwaves during class. I am beginning to make a concerted effort to talk less and the students talk and engage more.

Connecting School and Home Learning …


Last week we held a wonderful parent math workshop at MTHS. With student volunteers, myself, Chris, and Maureen led parents, our principal, and our superintendent through a series of activities that gave them a feel for what learning math in a technology-rich environment felt like. Below is the flyer from the event:

The activities focused on the MFM1P to MFM2P to MCF3M to MDM4U pathway. Chris’ reflection includes the SMART Notebook file we used. We will add a video of the screen motion and presenter voice later.

Modelling for parents how their children learned math was exceptionally powerful. The experience of learning math in school for these parents was vastly different than what they experienced in our workshop. A wonderful start to building a stronger home-school connection. More work definitely needs to be done. Tonight I will be presenting to our School Council.

Parent Workshop


We managed to take a screen capture of our Parent Workshop. It was a nice evening where we were able to share our math class with parents and administrators. It was well attended with about a dozen parents, our superintendant, and our principal. They had a chance to experience what their children experience daily using the TI Nspire Calculators and the SMART Technology.

Here is a copy of the .notebook presentation file and the video: