Project Description

How can we give all students in our math classrooms a voice? How can we build our instruction off the thinking of our students? How can we respond to student thinking more effectively in real-time during instruction? Can technology give us deeper insights into the mathematical thinking of our students?

These are some of the questions Tom, Chris, Maureen, and Aga will explore through this exciting TLLP project.

Mother Teresa High School has developed into a technology-rich math learning environment for our students and teachers over the past several years. This project builds on our existing SmartBoards and student-owned TI-Nspire CAS handheld learning tools. SMART document cameras and TI-Nspire Navigator wireless network systems for our student handhelds will be added to our classrooms. We will collaboratively explore how these tools can better connect us to the thinking of our students. Through Lesson Study, we will collaboratively develop, teach, observe, critique, and revise lessons that explore the formative assessment potential of these technologies.

We look forward to sharing our learning journey as we develop windows into student thinking.